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Our Services

We provide educational management consultancy to childcare organizations offering early childhood education (daycare & preschool) and out-of-school care services in Canada, and other North American countries seeking to stand out uniquely and qualitatively.


We provide Internationally focused childcare consultancy for childcare organizations in The Netherlands, targeting the international market & families.

Childcare Consultancy & Educational Management













Early Childhood Education Consultancy

  •  Daycare and preschool groups planning and setup, to align with the child-centered pedagogic vision.

  • Translate organizational vision and philosophy into practical mission interpretation for designing a measurable pedagogic framework.

  • Deliver training for early childhood teachers on core aspects of early years pedagogic-educational principles, approaches, and practices for child-focused qualitative engagements. (Click to see our training topics). Customized training on need identification.

  • Design an age-appropriate curriculum framework for infant, toddler, and preschool groups, with measurable key developmental objectives that incorporate the vision of the organization and Implemented in an emergent manner that considers the evolving and changing needs of the children and the changing society.

  • Introduction and coaching on “The Child Pass"  (positive reinforcement-based), structural intentional behavior guidance system for children’s progressive development of social-emotional skills for lifelong learning and confident, conscientious individuals. A structure for consistent, intentional guiding and teaching of social-emotional learning and group care management.

  • Quality pedagogic practice evaluation side-by-side practitioners identified needs and areas of improvement. Using the information gathered to design qualitative improvement plans to improve practice and developmental outcomes.

Out of School Care Consultancy

  • Planning and designing Out of School Care age-appropriate physical spaces, learning-recreational resources, and active supervisory procedures.

  • Designing skilled-based program of activities and child-centered schedule for elementary school-going children.

  • Holiday camp and care planning that provides skill and recreational-learning-based field trips structure.

  • Introduction and coaching on “The Child Pass"  (positive reinforcement-based), structural behavior guidance system for children’s social-emotional development and effective group space management, and building self-confident conscientious individuals.

Early Childhood Teachers Training















We work alongside early childhood managers and teachers to provide pedagogic guidance, and training that enables teachers to be grounded in knowledge and real-life experiences to be the best they can be, to provide child-centered care, nurture, and learning.

We provided detailed professional training that covers core aspects of early childhood practices for all levels of early childhood teachers. 

Art Class
Career Coaching & Counselling


We provide one-on-one career counseling, CV writing, and competence-based interview preparation services to individuals seeking to maximize their skills to enter the employment market or change careers.

School Teachers Training



  • We partner with elementary schools to tailor Inset training for teachers based on identified needs.

  • We provide training for teachers working in international schools on the needs and unique characteristics of children growing up amongst worlds ("third culture kids” - TCK's) and the practical implication for classroom teaching and learning.

  • We provide leadership training workshops for managers, team leaders, and section heads.

  • We introduce and coach “The Child Pass" classroom management philosophy for intentional behavior guidance for children to instill a positive attitude that enables positive interpersonal relationships.

Corporate Organizations Partnership

  • We provide insightful advice to organizations that support education and those seeking to provide childcare services specific to their employees or community needs.

  • We provide grounded information for equity companies seeking to enter the International childcare market in Canada,  the Netherlands.

  • We provide socio-emotional learning and soft skills empowerment training for organizations seeking to grow positive self-centered employees with qualitative interpersonal skills.


Sign up for our professional courses. You can also contact us for customized training tailored to your unique needs.

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