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The Reflective Teacher: Holistic Approaches for Early Childhood Educators by Ngozi Elizabeth Uche

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A holistic and all-encompassing pedagogic resource, The Reflective Teacher includes everything early childhood educators in daycare and preschool settings need to inform their teaching and caring of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Rooted in a deep understanding of child development and attachment theories, this book provides practical instruction on creating a safe child-centered early-years learning environment, including:

• Organizing the physical environment

• Developing integrated based curriculum in line with the developmental objectives and the emerging needs of the children

• Leveraging play as a means of learning

Approaches and relationships that are highlighted to support the child’s developmental journey include:

• Encouraging the social-emotional competencies of children

• Dealing with challenging behaviors of children from a foundational standpoint

• Individualizing responses according to the unique needs of every child

• Building trusting relationships with parents, especially in challenging situations

Every chapter is filled with step-by-step guides for planning and includes real-life examples early years educators will find helpful as they work to individualize care for each child in a fun, safe, nurturing, and educational environment.

The Reflective Teacher is AVAILABLE from major distributors and online retailers




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"Ngozi weaved her vast knowledge and experience of early childhood education and her background in educational psychology into this well thought through holistic unique resource material.

An amazing practical book which is a must have for early childhood teachers, childcare organizations, and students. I am glad that she put her pedagogic and directorial knowledge and experiences on paper.”

-Jan van der Meijden Co-founder of Zein International Childcare-Netherlands


Ngozi Elizabeth Uche is an educational management consultant who specializes in early childhood education and human capacity development. She has more than thirty years’ experience as a teacher, university lecturer, and educational management director. She holds Bachelor of Education in teaching and educational psychology as well as a Master of Business Administration degree. She has lived and taught on four continents. The daycare Uche managed in the Netherlands won awards in June 2012 for the top three best daycare in the Netherlands, the best international childcare provider, and first position as the daycare with the highest client satisfaction rating out of more than one thousand (1000) daycare locations.

Uche lives with her spouse in Toronto, Canada.


"Ngozi’s passion and work has inspired me as an early childhood practitioner and a psychologist.

This writing has the 'sound' of a well-orchestrated symphony of life experiences, research-based theories, child-centered approaches, and the soft touch of her solid personality. An inspiring self-reflection-based approach is what makes it a fantastic book to read, as an early year’s educator or a parent."


-Theoni Karanikolou van Hoogenhuijze Clinical Psychologist-Early Childhood Consultant

Roots Therapy, the Netherlands

"Ngozi’s work has always inspired me! Her writings are characteristically insightful, and this detailed resource, holistically presented, and laced with practical child centered examples is a treasure for all early childhood educators and childcare organizations."


Mirjam Ryan Early Childhood Educator-Australia

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