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Prepare your teachers and workforce for holistic child-centered reflective practices.
Consult. Train. Empower.

About Us

We are experienced early childhood professionals and educational management consultants passionate about helping teachers in childcare and educational institutions build qualitative knowledge and the capacity to provide child-oriented individualized care and learning reflectively. We also work to support individuals looking to progress their careers qualitatively. 


We provide detailed and customized professional educational training covering core aspects of early childhood education for groups and individuals seeking to develop a progressive learning culture.

Our Vision
Kindergarten Guide

Developing and empowering positive self-confident teachers in childcare and educational organizations for holistic child-centered reflective practices.

Professional Services
Snapshot of what we do


Childcare Consultancy and Educational Management

Early Childhood Teachers Professional Training


Designing Child-Vision Oriented Early Childhood Curriculum 


Corporate Organizations Partnerships

Customized School Teachers Training


Career Coaching & Counselling


Soft Skills Development for Work & Life Successes​​​

What we Believe in

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Reflective Teachers

We believe that teachers are the bedrock for guiding and educating children, and therefore must be valued and appreciated in society. We believe that the difference between good teachers and great teachers is the ability of great teachers to be positive and reflective in their practices and individualizing care and learning, despite group size and cultural differences.  


We believe in equipping and empowering early childhood educators and teachers with the right tools, knowledge, and training beyond academic qualifications to give them home-centeredness to work reflectively with guiding, supporting, and educating children positively.  

Intentional Social-Emotional Learning

  • We believe that social-emotional learning is central to positive child development, cordial group interaction, purposeful learning, and human development with the foundation laid in early childhood.

  • We believe that teachers are the bedrock for intentional teaching of social-emotional competencies within-group structural settings for children to develop self-control, empathy, respect, cultural awareness and appreciation, and the interpersonal skills for enduring life success amidst challenges. 

  • We believe that an organization is only as good as the sum of the socio-emotional competencies of its workforce.


Consult With the Best

Ngozi E. Uche
Principal Consultant & Director


Ngozi is an educational management consultant who specializes in early childhood education and human capacity development. Living, studying and working across four continents with her family added qualitatively to her experiences and international perspective on how a child is a sum of all his/her experiences, nurture, and inherent characteristics. 


Her teaching, educational psychology, guidance & counseling, and MBA studies prepared her for more than thirty years of experience working as a teacher, university lecturer, early childhood professional, career coaching, childcare educational management director, and consultant.


She consults for childcare organizations, schools,  and trains early childhood educators and teachers worldwide to acquire grounded holistic knowledge for reflective practices for child-centered learning and development. 

She believes that children are born to thrive, and seeing them blossom and flourish, gives her the greatest joy. 

News & Publications

 Coming Out Soon!


The Reflective  Teacher: Holistic Pedagogic Approaches for Early Childhood Educators

A practical detailed book for Early Childhood Teachers

Author: Ngozi Uche


"Whatever Ngozi touches becomes gold standard! She spent time working with our teachers and observed our practices. The restructuring of our physical settings and the customized child-centered training and procedures changed our approaches positively." 

Esther Okoji
Director Winnas Educational Academy

"It's has been an honor knowing and working next to this extraordinary woman. Ngozi's energy, passion, and knowledge in education and early years have been inspiring for me as a woman and as an early childhood practitioner."

Theoni Karanikolou van Hoogenhuijze
Clinical Psychologist-Early Childhood Practitioner. Roots Therapy, Netherlands

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Are you a childcare organization or a teacher seeking to stand out uniquely in a multi-cultural world through organic child-centered reflective practices?

Sign up for our Linz Education professional courses. You can also contact us for customized training tailored to your unique needs. 

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